When we joined the ranks of OSX users, we left many good friends behind in OS9. Adobe Type Manager and Type Reunion were two especially loved programs, the first for its font management capabilities (which thankfully, Suitcase Fusion, FontAgent Pro, Master Juggler and others have supplied), the second for its ability to group font families into hierarchal menus and show the actual fonts in the menus.

The folks over at Unsanity (love the name) have contributed many “haxies” for OSX users, maybe none so under-appreciated as FontCard . For a mere $17, you can have all the font info you could want in any application, at your fingertips. Font name, format, family, and WYSIWYG display. You can turn individual features on and off and disable for particular programs in the Preference pane. Wrangle that ever-scrolling font menu down into something more manageable and more organized. Try FontCard.

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