What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Check the weather. For me, it’s the sound of my daughter coming into the bedroom before school (sound only, because my eyelids are glued shut from the previous night’s sleep) and asking, “Dad, what’s it going to be like out today?” I could switch on the TV or the radio, but I would have to wait around for them to get to the forecast. Get on the computer? Sure, but then I have to boot up the browser, go to the site and enter my location. All before my morning coffee. And that just makes me irritable. What if I said that you could spend the equivalent of a couple of visits to Starbucks and be able to know what the weather would be as soon as the computer booted up and have it always available throughout the day? Enter Weather Pop Advance from Glucose Development.

Like the name suggests, it’s a menubar application that displays the current weather condition and temperature. But it also allows you to control all of its features from a popup menu as well. Shows you a 5-day forecast, shows relative temperature, humidity, wind, barometer, visibility and more. You can have multiple locations and switch between them at will. It also maintains several sources so that if one is down, you aren’t without the weather. Version 2.5 now supports radar imaging when available, so you can see the weather, too. I use it to track several of the places we mountain bike or travel to as well as some of places my relations live. Pretty cool. Can’t beat it for $8.00. Give it a try.

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