It was easy to do routine maintenance by rebuilding your desktop and optimizing the hard drive on OS 9. With OS X being at its core UNIX, there are many maintenance tasks that are far from routine that should be performed but often aren’t because either you are a good doobie and turn your system off at the end of the day (thus preventing automated execution of these tasks) or are simply not familiar technically with the UNIX environment. Well relax, and have a Cocktail. This program handles all the routine UNIX tasks and allows you to make subtle but useful changes to how the Finder, Safari, Dock and Network software work. Cleans your system logs and cache files, and much more. Even has an autopilot that allows you to schedule specific tasks routinely. Has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. Belly up to the bar for a $14.95 single-user or $29.95 (a steal) for a five-user family license. Cheers!

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