Gather ’round the fire, my friends, warm yourselves and I will tell you a story. A story about how I, as leader of my clan, was able to protect my home from the Outsiders – the ones that threaten my family, my home, and my stuff. It was a magical time, a time when technology was new. The omens presented themselves in the form of advertisements, the ones you see collected in envelopes and delivered monthly by post to your door. The wonderful offers they held… ah, but no time to reminisce. Suffice it to say that the lords of ADT made their wishes known and I believed. So I sent them their $99 offering and they in turn sent me their avatar — a man in dark blue overalls who came with a box full of a most precious cargo. These were the sensors, special talismans linked to the place of the monitors, those who would keep watch over me and mine — for a price.

They were placed in the most felicitous locations in our dwelling — over doors, over windows, eyes peering down our hallways. A lo, it was good for a time. But these monitors, they kept demanding more and more as the years passed and I was in a quandary for I did not wish to forsake their service. Yet the sensors were aged and their technology was no longer of high standing, and I felt that the lords of ADT were no longer paying close attention to me. So I embarked upon a mission of discovery which led me to question their supremecy. There was FrontPoint and LifeShield, Protect America and SimpliSafe as well as others, all new contenders for the title of Lords of Security. They too had sensors and monitors, but there was much confusion as to who would next hold my allegiance.

I read heavily the lore of each, of course written by their own devoted followers, then began asking the oracles of the net (Oracle1 and Oracle2) and listening to stories from other clan leaders regarding their experiences. It was still a difficult search, but I came across some common things to look for. Many of these new lords bind you to new contracts of 3 years or more, with penalties levied for early release. I care not to indenture myself to any lord. I also knew I wanted less wires and cellular technology so the sensors would not be beholden to my land line or power source. I wished also for the cost of the monitors to not require the sacrifice of my first born. Lastly, I wanted the power to choose the lords I would follow on my own, not upon the word of one of their acolytes. To wit, I have made my choice. It was simple.

SimpliSafe. A guild started by a scholar. It was he who understood the needs of the common man. Current technology. No contracts. A fair price. And the ability to see his wares without intervention. And on top of all this, sanctioned by one of the wisest of men, Dave Ramsey. Their technology will be mine, it has been foretold. Rest, my friends, while I tend to the fire. It has been a long journey, but it is not yet over. I will continue my tale next time and recount the ritual of Installation and Setup.

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