There are advantages for professionals to having a full-featured, robust and extremely complex applications like Photoshop for doing certain kinds of graphic work that require $800, hours of training, and the processing power of MIT’s Computer Development Lab. Then, of course, there are the rest of us who get by using graphic apps that do many things really, really well. And inexpensively. And fast. And inexpensively. Who would think that a shareware program costing $30 could rival many of the features of Photoshop? Did I mention it was inexpensive? What else could I be talking about other than Lemke Software’s GraphicConverter? So much more than the name implies, GraphicConverter should be your default application for opening, browsing, basic editing and translating of your graphics. For a while, it was even included on new Macs, which shows you how much Apple thought of it.

Feature packed? You bet. Like MacGyver whipping out his trusty Swiss Army knife, you can wield it’s amazing graphic puissance (look it up) for Liberty, Justice and the American Way.

  • Universal Binary version for Intel-Macs
  • Imports 190 graphic file formats
  • Exports 79 graphic file formats
  • Image Browser (rotate, email, slideshow, batch conversion, etc.)
  • Batch conversion (format, rename, resize, recolor, etc.)
  • Slide show, slide show to movie feature
  • Easy creation of optimized images for the internet
  • Basic images manipulation
  • Enhanced image manipulation
  • AppleScript support
  • Supports Mac OS 8, 9 and X, optimized for G4 and G5
  • Support of new technologies like the JPEG2000 format
  • Acquire images from scanner or camera
  • Corrects “red-eye”

    Holy feature overload, Batman! About the only bad thing about this application I can think of is its lame icon. Well if it’s going to save me $770, I’ll take it! You should, too. Go to the website and try it out.

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