No, we’re not talking about my wife’s famous German potato salad (you wish). Rather than my usual, sometimes excessive entries (I am writing one now.) I thought a nice, short blog post for this holiday weekend would be in order. So read it fast and get back to your vacation!

1. Save a tree. Instead of wasting paper and toner (or ink) when presented with a receipt for any online transaction, simply use the Print command and then click the PDF button in the lower left corner and choose Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder. You’ll have a single location for all of your receipts when tax time comes around.

2. Tweak a kitty. Despite all the wonders of OS X Lion, there are some things that just should have stayed. Like permanent scrollbars. Or being able to view the /user/Library folder. Or perhaps you can’t stand the faux leather look of the Address Book or iCal. Changes that up to now could only be performed through Terminal commands can be accessed with a single click via Lion Tweaks.

3. It’s 5:00 somewhere. And when tweaking the kitty time is over, it’s time to settle in with a nice Cocktail to run some much needed system maintenance. And with the current version, you can check for malware and allows you to enable the ability to copy text while in QuickLook mode. Sweet! Make sure to get the version for your system.

4. Measure up! Who would have thought an on-screen ruler could be so useful? Once I downloaded the free Free Ruler, I was able to quickly and accurately measure height and width, change the unit of measure, independently resize and control the visibility of the horizontal and vertical rulers. This apps rules!

5. Disc-o-tron. Need to install Lion and don’t want to have to wait for the painfully large download from the App Store? Then try using Lion Discmaker. Burn an installer to DVD or even a thumb drive. Have a copy ready when you need it.

Hope you all have a happy and safe (after the 4th of July) weekend.

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