On the PC, screen capture apps are a dime a dozen (okay, maybe $29.95 a dozen). Even the Mac has built-in screen capture functions using the CTRL-SHIFT-3 and CTRL-SHIFT-4 commands. But sometimes you need more capability, like choosing the download location, naming convention, graphic format, showing/hiding of the cursor, etc. Enter SnapzProX 2 from Ambrosia Software. Yes, this great game developer is also a fine purveyor of utility apps like WireTap Pro, Easy Envelopes and iSeek. And with all those previously mentioned features, it can also take movies! For those to whom a picture is worth a thousand words, a motion picture is worth a million, especially for training and education. You can even have it take over the default Apple screenshot command. $29 for image capture, $69 for movie capture. Try the demo. Intel Mac ready. Oh, yeah, don’t forget to try their addicting line of games!