Just took those great shots of your summer vacation, or your kids’ graduation or a friend’s wedding and want the whole world to see what a great photographer you are? Get them up on the web! But wait, you’re no web guru. You can get the photos off your camera and into iPhoto, but what do you do then? You could email them, but they would have to be made smaller and loose the quality or they’d be too big to send over email. You could use your .Mac account to upload them, if you had an account or iWeb to create a photo page and upload it to your, uh, right, your .Mac account.

I have found no better stand-alone product, commercial or shareware, than the free, yes free, program Galerie from Myriad Software. It allows you to drag and drop pictures from iPhoto or your desktop and create quick, easy-to-navigate photo pages that you can then just upload to an existing website. Pretty much every service provider offers web space for their account holders so you don’t even have to buy a domain and web hosting service, unless you have a ton of pics to post. You can apply dozens of pre-made templates to your photos and if you get bored, you can change it anytime you want. You can even design your own, if you want to match an existing site.

You can size the thumbnails and the enlargements, add titles, allow for comments and save your settings for future use, even create slideshows. No need for any other graphic or web program (other than to upload the files or link it to an existing site). I have used it extensively on my mountain biking site GratefulTread. And you can’t beat the price! Check it out.

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