Yes, ok, I’m a Star Wars fan. But you know, not a rabid one. But everyone around me thinks I am. Sure, saw the movies, owned them on VHS (I’ll explain what those are later), own them on DVD, but haven’t quite made the [lightspeed] jump to Blu-Ray. I have the original soundtracks of the first three movies, too (the first one on the original vinyl!). I don’t own a lightsaber, don’t have a cosplay costume. I do a pretty good Yoda impression, though. In fact, I made a paper mache mask for a Halloween party in college and walked around on my knees all night.

Oh and Star Wars stuff? From a Lego™ Millenium Falcon™ to a Troop Carrier and all manner of games, gadgets and figures. But they were given to me, not a single Imperial credit was paid. Honest.

I figured, it’s my blog and I should do a StarWars blog for the 4th. But I’m not a rabid fan.

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