There is a growing ecosystem of page builders for WordPress and I referenced a few in a previous post. The number is growing rapidly and as a developer I have to always be on the lookout for “the next best thing.” However, that doesn’t always mean abandoning my current platform, especially after I have really become proficient at using it. But there are other concepts I can take advantage of without abandoning my current workflow. Page optimization is a perfect example. The developer of Oxygen, a strong contender in the page building arena, has recently posted an article that suggests ways of decreasing page load time and increasing your scores on the two of the top evaluation sites. Check it out then come back here and see my relative scores. Now Adam is not a fan of Divi because it’s akin to the MS Word of page tools, too much bloat and bloat in WordPress means slower page times. But I used his guidelines on my own Divi-based site and was pleasantly surprised that 1.) my home page was not that bloated and 2.) I was still able to reduce the page size and the load time using his suggestions. Nice one, Adam!

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