If you remember my previous posting on FontCard from Unsanity, then you will appreciate this next jewel called FruitMenu. It provides the same functionality in OS X as the Apple Menu Items did in OS 9 – that is, to allow you to add commonly used applications, files, folders and disk volumes to the main Apple menu list for instant access. But wait… You can actually reconstruct your entire Apple and Contextual menus, add and remove items, change font size, show icons, show previews and more – all in your menus. I thought it was worth it just for the Apple Menu links, and the fact that you can access a specific Preference Pane just like the Control Panels in OS 9. And it’s only $10. Crike!

From the professional and practical functionality of their products to their slick website and even to the design of their application icons, Unsanity is a true Macintosh software company. Another excellent reason to support them by purchasing their products.

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