Have a corrupt file you are looking to recover text and graphics from? Or how about a PowerPoint slide show that you need the photos from? What about grabbing icons and program elements to be used in an application your building? A long time ago on an OS far, far away (OS 9), we had CanOpener from Abbott Systems (and I just recently found out, we still do.). Now we have File Juicer, a modern media extraction tool from echo one software. I would have done a feature comparison, but since CanOpener does not offer a trial version, I couldn’t. That and the fact that File Juicer is only $14.95 to the whopping $65.00 for CanOpener, I didn’t want to spend the cash.

Ok, you heard it enough times from me already, I am an interface addict. But I give as many points for simplicity as I do for glamor. This gets the nod for simplicity. Drop just about any file type on it and it does its thing automatically. Even compressed and PC files, too. Keep the file in the Dock and drop files on it from the Desktop and you never even have to run the application.

The Preferences allows you to customize your extraction for various file types, should you be looking for something in particular, say just for Flash files or PNG files. Here’s a list of formats it supports:

Images – jpg, jpeg 2000, gif, png, pdf, wmf, emf, tiff, eps, pict, bmp

Video – mov, mpeg, avi, wmv

Sound – mp3, wav, System 7, au, aiff

Text – ascii, rtf, html.

These types can be extracted from: avi, cab, cache, chm, dmg, doc, emlx, exe, ithmb, m4p, mht, mp3, pdf, pps, ppt, raw, swf, xls, zip, and other formats. Even data from partially damaged files can be retrieved. You can optionally sort the results into related folders and even generate an index page for you to see the results at-a-glance.

If you ever wished that you hadn’t deleted those photos off of that Flash Card – go no further. File Juicer can make a Disk Image (dmg) of the file and then extract whatever data is available. Lastly, the current version can also recover thumbnails images from your 3rd gen iPod nano.

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I had a PowerPoint presentation given to me that contained a series of images I wanted to save, but not within the PowerPoint file. So using File Juicer, I was able to extract over 100 jpgs and then drag them into iPhoto – just the solution I was looking for. The current version supports PP files up to 250MB.

The developer is very forthcoming in regards to what the program can and cannot do as well, which something more developers should do. I won’t list those here, but you can view the ReadMe for the limitations and other useful information. All in all, you get quite a lot for the money. This is one of the better deals in the shareware world. Go get yourself a copy.

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