Change happens. Change is also good, when developers are on the ball. Your site should always have the latest updates and patches to the core app as well as the addons/plugins and themes. Unfortunately, they are never upgraded automatically (with the exception of the WordPress core, not the themes and plugins). These updates provide bug and security fixes and it’s strongly recommended that you perform them when they occur. Know what? I’ve been doing that for you and your clients already. For free. Now I am making that an official subscription service. For $75/month per site, I will monitor, update and upgrade your site whenever it requires. Also, I will test these updates on a local copy of your site first to insure that the updates don’t cause any negative effects. What does this service include:

  1. A complete backup of your site database (monthly)
  2. A malware and virus scan (weekly)
  3. Updates to CMS app (as necessary)
  4. Updates to addons (as necessary)
  5. Updates to theme (as necessary)
  6. Updates tested on local copy first
  7. Site monitoring for downtime

With site monitoring, you will be informed in the event your site is down and will be informed when it is back up. This complete service (items 1–7) costs less than 1hr of my normal hourly billing rate for an entire month of service. Can’t beat that with a stick. You can pay $75 monthly or you can pay $825 for a year of service in advance and save $75 (That’s one month free!). If you’d rather not subscribe, that’s fine, but I will no longer be proactively monitoring, backing up, upgrading and protecting your site.

Ready to get started? Have questions? Just email me and let me know.

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