Don’t you hate wasting time navigating to your folders in Open and Save dialog boxes? Drives me crazy. It feels like I spend more time doing that than working in my programs. Or how about doing a Save or Open and realizing you need to Delete, Rename, or Trash a file or folder? You have to cancel, switch to the Finder, perform the operation and then switch back to the program. What a hassle. The people at St. Claire Software thought enough was enough and came up with Default Folder.

Default Folder is a natural extension of OSX which adds a special menu on the right side of every Open and Save dialog box. Here you can find many of the same commands available to you only when you’re in the Finder like Rename, Get Info, Trash, plus navigation shortcuts like a Favorites list, Recent list and Window switching. Two great additional features are the “Bounce Back” command that automatically will return you to the last place you navigated to and the ability to click on a file in the dialog list, making it the default Save name.

I use it so much I don’t know what to do when I’m on another system without it. Like going from a two-button mouse to a single-button mouse. A great program. Only $34.95. Try it out and see.

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