I feel like I’m writing a Dr. Seuss book, but there is more than meets the eye here with a plethora of Mac software bundles and special deals out there. You only have to know where to look. And I am here to tell you what they are and how to find them. Sort of letting the Cats out of the Hat. Sure you may own some of these apps, but for the price of one upgrade, you can grab a bunch more to try, use if you like or pass on to a friend. Nice!

Thing 1 – Daily Single Deals
MacUpdate Promo – I have been following this one for a while. They typically provide productivity apps during the week and entertainment apps on the weekends. Have seen some apps reappear on occasion, but since the sale lasts only 24 hours per app, that is not a bad thing, per se. Email signup. At times the current sale lingers but at a slightly lower (i.e. more expensive) discount, but often still a good deal.

MacZot – I just signed up for this one so I haven’t got too much data. One app a day, generally 40-50% off. Email signup.

Thing 2 – Occasional Bundle Deals
MacBundleBox – I just came across these guys, have no clue what the deal is, but it’s coming soon (here is a rumor). Always worth checking out. They seem to have a little competition going with MacHeist, but hey, competition is good… for us!

MacHeist – These guys just finished their latest promotion, sorry, but sign up for the next one and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Everything is done right, from the promotion design to the bundle receipts to the fact that you can even split your order so you can gift some of the apps you already own to others. Sweet! A bonus to the bonus, 25% of the sales of their last bundle went to humanitarian relief ($440,000). Very cool.

MacUpdate Promo – On occasion, MacUpdate has a bundle sale. And whaddya know, they have one going on now! The two apps I favor in this bundle are WebSnapper for web page captures, Parallels 5 for PC and other operating system virtual machines and Bee Docs Timeline 3D. Like I said, for the price of one upgrade, it’s like getting all the other apps free…

Thing 3 – Go to the Bodega
Don’t want to wait? Like browsing? Then Bodega is the place to do it. It is a virtual store that has news, reviews, and apps galore from freeware and shareware authors download and purchase right in the app. It also tracks your installed apps and lets you know if there are updates, just like Versiontracker, but free. Lovely interface, fun to use. Better than the mall, with no parking problems!

Always, always review the software. Go to the developers sites and read the descriptions. Download the trials and play with them, see if they would be something worth while having. Just because they might be a good deal does not always make them a good deal for you. Did I miss any? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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