It’s been over a year now since my original post – have you added your SSL certificate yet? Seeing more “Unsecure” notices in your browser? Are your clients seeing that notice on your site? My advice hasn’t changed from a year ago, but the need has grown a little more urgent. As secure sites become the norm, people are not going to want to risk going to sites that are not locked down – yours included. And Google says your ranking will also be negatively affected. What can you do? I’ll save you the trouble of going to my previous post and make some short and sweet suggestions:

  1. Purchase (yearly) a SSL certificate from your host and install it on your site
  2. Purchase (yearly) a SSL certificate from a certificate company and install it on your site
  3. Move your hosting to a host that supports the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate protocol

For more info, you can reference the post I wrote last year. In any of the above cases, I can help you get squared away. Just drop me an email and let me know you want to secure your site.

While I am here, now is also a good time to remind you of my maintenance plan. A few of you did avail yourselves of the service and I hope it has provided some comfort knowing your site is current and backed up. For many of you running WordPress sites, plugins and themes are updated almost on a weekly basis, especially with the release of WordPress 5.x. At $99/mo. for a single site (each site is treated separately and multisites are extra) you seriously cannot have better insurance against site mishaps, server crashes, etc. Here’s what you get:

  1. A complete backup of your site database (monthly)
  2. A malware and virus scan (weekly)
  3. Updates to CMS app (as necessary)
  4. Updates to addons (as necessary)
  5. Updates to theme (as necessary)
  6. Updates tested on local copy first
  7. Site monitoring for downtime

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great April.

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