Platform: WordPress
Responsibility: Production
Design Partner: TR Design

Using WordPress to our Scivantage
Scivantage had decided, after our first successful WordPress project with them, to move to the next level and redesign their main corporate site. The twist was that they wanted to fold in both the new Wealthsqope site we recently completed and add a second product site, Maxit. The designs would be similar but not near enough to have them work as a single unit. Enter WPMU, WordPress’ multi-site feature. With this function turned on, you can essentially control multiple sites through a single WordPress installation. So the users, templates and plugins are all managed centrally, but allows for individual dashboard control on each subsite.

There were also a couple of additional curve balls. First, the client wanted secondary menus for each of the product sites. Then on the main site, they wanted to have a news blog that the user could tab to for each of the microsites.